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tall feral looking half orc


On the push for more land, the Silver-Winged Orcs raided the small fishing village Treang. After 5 hours, the buildings were burned, all the men killed, and women (the ones deemed pretty enough by the orcs) were taken to the leader of the SW orcs Braken. One of the women used that night by Braken was Lisa Karson, a pretty average human wife to a not so average man. As she laid beaten and blooded on the floor of Braken’s tent she could hear the sound of wood boards snapping then something soft being smashed. Lisa heard the guards mutter something before it was cut off by the snap of wood and something soft and wet fall to the ground. Braken who had enough to drink that night to knock out an elephant stumbled out of his bed and yelled for his men. The only reply Braken got was from Lisa’s husband Hellir screaming for Lisa. Lisa crawled through the door of the tent and stopped when her hand landed in something warm and wet right outside of the door. The guards that were at the front door were turned into perfect 2 foot cubes of broken bones and smashed flesh. The ground around them soaked with blood that was squeezed out of the body like a sponge. Braken came up behind her, grabbed her arm and lifted her into the air. Braken lifted his hammer above Lisa and stared at the wizard letting his intentions clear. A fire bolt shot from the wizards mouth as Braken lowered his hammer to smash Lisa’s head into something that would look a lot like what was left of the guards. The fire smashed into Braken’s head burning away his hair, lips and melting one of his eyes. Braken dropped his weapon and Lisa to the ground, then dropped to his knees bringing his hands to his face to feel what was left of his face and something large and soft roll down the right side of his face. Lisa and Hellir ran toward each other. As soon as they touched they vanished in a blur of smoke. They reappeared under the giant tree Hellin sits under to study his magic, to hear a chilling scream from Braken in the ruins of Treang. Hellin took off his robe and threw it over his wife and they started walking north toward the capital.

20 months later

Lisa sat in her rocking chair nursing her baby as any normal mother would, but she knew today she would be doing something no normal mother ever would. Today was the day she was letting he baby be taken like a leaf blown by the wind. Hellir yelled for his wife to come out behind the house. Hellir had been preparing for the ritual all morning and was happy for the day to be over. Lisa came out the back door to see what Hellir called a summoning circle 6 feet wide. The wizard closed his eyes and stuck his hands out. When he opened his eyes they glowed green and then some kind of black flow of magic drifted from his hands to the circle. The ground around the circle started to get damp, before turning into what looked like a full puddle. A blinding light shot straight out of the puddle before being blocked by what looked like a silhouette of a dome. The whole thing only took a minute, but when it was done a young 4 foot wide black and red shelled Earth Turtle stood in front of them eating grass. Hellir went up to Lisa and took his constant reminder of him not being there to protect his wife when she needed it and wrapped it in a special blanket to keep the baby warm. He walked up the the turtle and squatted in front of it. The turtle lifted its head and listened to Hellir as he layed the baby on the ground. “Take this kid and protect it with your life. Grow as he grows. Feed him and keep him healthy earth turtle. Keep him away from orcs. If they ever were to find out who’s blood runs through him they would probably make him a chief and lead the orcs to destroying much more then a couple of fishing villages. Take him far from here. You understand me earth turtle?” The turtle let out a moan as it lowered its head and pinched the blanket wrapped around the child. The new mother of the child slowly turned and started its long journey.

As the boy got older so did his “mother”. And as he grew she grew with him. When he was 5, she was nearing 9 feet wide. With no hands to carry or to feet the boy, motherhood was quite hard for the turtle, but it learned. Protection was also and easy thing for the turtle. No animal was dumb enough to attack an earth turtle. Doing so was just asking for death or broken bones. Elfs hold these creatures in such high regard that attacking them or the child on its back would be the same as burning down a forest. The growing half-orc would run around openly and played with what ever he could find amusing like a kitten and a ball of yarn. In his world there was no evil there was no good. Only thing he knew was hunger, fun and mother. Until the age of 12 that is.

One day when the preteen half-orc was running around the edge of the forest he heard a growl. Wasn’t his moms “Stop that growl” she was a good 50 feet away and this sounded smaller. The boy investigated the sound until he saw to deep red eyes and 2 huge white tusk covered in red. The giant boar let out a roar. Shocked and surprised the boy ran to his mom with this new discovery right behind him. The earth turtle and boy ran straight at each other. Once they met without slowing down the turtle lowered its shell as the half-orc ran up its shell. The boar lowered its head as well and charged the earth turtle. When they collided the first thing to break was the boars tusk. Then its skull and neck. Blood sprayed into the air and started to puddle around the boars lifeless body as it laid beside the turtle. The half orc had never seen death and wasn’t quite sure what had just happened. The boar was moving and walking around and now wasn’t. He slid down the shell of his mom and walked around the dead body of the boar until his curiosity was full and stomach was empty. This little incident is was caused the mother into thinking maybe it was time the boy learned somethings from his people.

3 days later.

Half orc was sitting on his mothers shell as she turned and started walking straight toward a big city. Something she had never done before. The turtle walked to the top of a huge hill over looking the city and swayed side to side till the boy slide down. She took her massive head and nudged the boy. Hesitant but understanding the boy slowly walked down the hill to the boys first encounter with people in 11 years. As the boy neared the town he felt as hungry as he was scared. luckily the city had no defensive walls so the boy entered the city between two tall buildings. He could hear talking, laughing and yelling. All things common at the market of a city on a bright Sunday morning, but all of this was way above his head. One thing he did understand was the smell of fruit, and that alone was enough to drive this young child into any unknown. He broke into a full run and before he got out from the protection of those two buildings a merchant cart stacked full of apples caught his eye. The kid shoots out from between the buildings and races past people to the cart. A few gasp came from the shoppers and other merchants as a naked half-orc with 12 year old long, dirty hair, runs and starts chomping down on apples. The cart owner could only sit there as he watched his crop be eaten by something that only slightly looks human. Once the merchant snapped out of his shock, he grabbed the boys arm and to the boy the only thing that came out of the mans voice was nothing but loud sounds and noises, but to the crowd they heard a man asking for the money owed to him. The boy struggled against the man, but couldn’t get away. The cart owner raised his hand and struck the boy over and over. After the third hit the boy started to swing wildly with his free hand. A guard turned the corner just in time to see a naked half-orc punch a well known fruit seller in the face. The boy was thrown in the town dungeon under the guard tower. Told that he won’t be able to be set free till he or someone else pays for his fines.

They threw him into a cell with a teacher. A very social teacher by the name of Fredric Willingbon that was excited that he finally had someone that he could teach or at least talk to. He was even more excited at the fact that he could try and teach someone how to speak. It took a few weeks, but Fredric got the boy to finally trust him enough to sit down and start learning. Fredric had plenty of time to teach the orc. Fredric was in for pedophilia. A crime you can’t just pay a fine for or take your lashings and be on your way. Three years later and feeling full of himself for teaching mute how to read and write. After his teacher left they replaced him with someone who was going to be in the prison for life. An orc that wondered into this town just like the child, but when he did, he killed 20 people. People of this city don’t believe in a life for a life. Even if it is 20 of there own for 1 beast of an orc named Frolm. Frolm was pretty excited for getting a new cell mate. He was thinking of how he was going to kill or torture them. When he saw that his new friend was one of his own, he started thinking of new plans for him. Ways of turning this person who will eventually get out into a killing machine. For the next 2 years Frolm taught the little orc fighting, his code of life and war.

One day in the middle of a fighting lesson from Frolm a guard came up and told the now 17 year old orc that his fines were payed, and free to go. The orc now wearing some shaggy clothes and dreadlocks. Runs from the door of the guard tower to the hill his mom was resting on when she pushed him to come to this town. When he reached the end of the town he looked up to the top of the hill he saw what he guessed was his mother. She looked different thought. Her shell became covered in moss and small trees. She was now also 20 feet wide. There was now also a man in a long robe standing next to her patting her softly on her shell. As the orc ran up the man in the robes turned to face him. The man waved his hand at the orc and vanished. The newly freed young man ran up and wrapped his arms around his mother. The turtle and half orc have traveled and adventured going by the code of Frolm for 12 years now. Nothing drives them to travel except it being the only thing they know.

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