Plunge into Darkness

The Ruined Tower

What lays within?

Goblins are hiding out and stashing treasure they have taken from the town. Just outside the tower is a campsite that it is quickly discovered is magically made to look as if it houses many goblins. The entrances are booby trapped and players decide to bypass them and head directly for the tower, with the exception of the Half-Orc. He bravely investigates the smallest tent and finds a hidden entrance underneath the tower. They are greeted with a force of goblins and fight their way through. The players come across a large area with treasure, with a peculiar black pearl on top, protected by magical runes. Half-Orc and Vita Lettum notice something scurry up a ladder and begin to chase it leaving Mentok, Lilia, and Lelva the cleric to solve the ruins. Mentok is a bit rusty on undoing magic and unwillingly sets off both Rune traps causing the treasure to fall into an abyss and let a fireball and an Ice Elemental out. While they deal with that Half-Orc and Lettum find a sneaky goblin and take him down with some impressive acrobatics. Last minute the crafty goblin swallows a misterious object. The Half-Orc monk and Elven Ranger attempt to stop the goblin from swallowing and break the item in his throat. The goblins swells and grow, growing to large for the room. They retreat after dealing considerable damage to it and join the rest of the party to finish the Elemental. Then the goblin Iron Jaw bursts through the wall to battle, but is already injured from the blows it took while transforming. The Half-Orc dives on Iron Jaw’s as the cleric Lelva deals the final blow. The players find two ivory statues of Pelor on the goblins that are marked “Property of Boulderton. Return at once!” The group decides to go investigate Boulderton.



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