Plunge into Darkness

White hot corruption

As the group arrives at Boulderton an Old woman is being thown out. She yells back at the guards “YOU GOBLIN LICKERS! YOUR CORRUPT SHADOWS OF YOUR FORMER SELVES!” She explains to the group the town commits evil names in the name of the God Pelor, a God of good and righteous. Yet Pelor does not strike the town down. She reluctantly offers aid and supplies 2 scrolls but once the wizard attempts to intimidate her to handing over the third she turns to walk away. The Half-Orc then distracts her as Lettum steals the third. Once in the town the party is met with hostility by everyone, they are directed to talk to the church if they wish to stay and are met with anger there as well. After the priests retire to their quarters the company discovers 3 hidden doors. One hidden very well, one a little hard to spot, and the other almost obvious. Unable to make a decision of which path to take the pack splits up. Half-Orc and Lelva travel through the obvious door, Lettum ventures alone through the moderatly hidden passage, and Lilia and Mentok travel the very well hidden hallway. Vita is met with many obsticles in which he has to doge fire, avoid doomspores and pits to his death. Avoid spikes and scythes. All of which he overcomes with ease. The cleric and monk have some trouble as they must undo a magical barrier. They accidently trigger it as Lelva runs from the trap she falls at the half-orcs feet who carries her out of the passage safely and revives her. Lilia and Mentok are met with treasure in their path. Once reunited the players interupt a “cleansing” ritual being performed. The head priest removes his robe to reveal he is extremely well armored, his head gaurd readies himself for battle but it rather clumsy. A mighty fight insues and The head priest is trapped the room with the treasure. He retreats towards the entrance of the church and the platoon is left to pick off the last of the holy members. They now notice the walls in the back of the room seem to be made of still soft clay. They throw a book in and see it sink in. Half Orc ties a rope to himself and the wizards prepares to pull him out. A tremendous light comes from the entrance to the room as the head priest returns, with wings and holy warriors. The band is battling the clock. Once in Half Orc is transported to the deepest pit of hell, he is overwhelmed with what he sees. After being pulled out he attempts another wall and discovers it leads to a shop within the town. The players all retreat through this door with the exception if Vita who is on the other side of the room. He goes for the closest door and is transported to another section of the church. The entire town has gathered and the party is chased by an angry mob. They narrowly escape with their lives and are left to wonder what has happened to Pelor.

The Ruined Tower
What lays within?

Goblins are hiding out and stashing treasure they have taken from the town. Just outside the tower is a campsite that it is quickly discovered is magically made to look as if it houses many goblins. The entrances are booby trapped and players decide to bypass them and head directly for the tower, with the exception of the Half-Orc. He bravely investigates the smallest tent and finds a hidden entrance underneath the tower. They are greeted with a force of goblins and fight their way through. The players come across a large area with treasure, with a peculiar black pearl on top, protected by magical runes. Half-Orc and Vita Lettum notice something scurry up a ladder and begin to chase it leaving Mentok, Lilia, and Lelva the cleric to solve the ruins. Mentok is a bit rusty on undoing magic and unwillingly sets off both Rune traps causing the treasure to fall into an abyss and let a fireball and an Ice Elemental out. While they deal with that Half-Orc and Lettum find a sneaky goblin and take him down with some impressive acrobatics. Last minute the crafty goblin swallows a misterious object. The Half-Orc monk and Elven Ranger attempt to stop the goblin from swallowing and break the item in his throat. The goblins swells and grow, growing to large for the room. They retreat after dealing considerable damage to it and join the rest of the party to finish the Elemental. Then the goblin Iron Jaw bursts through the wall to battle, but is already injured from the blows it took while transforming. The Half-Orc dives on Iron Jaw’s as the cleric Lelva deals the final blow. The players find two ivory statues of Pelor on the goblins that are marked “Property of Boulderton. Return at once!” The group decides to go investigate Boulderton.

The Carnival of Destiny
The adventure begins

Players begin in a carnival in Rivercrest, a small farming village. None of them have met but they band together as the carnival becomes under seige by a horde of goblins. Immediately after engaging the goblins they hear one scream in a muffled voice, he then pulls off his mask revealing he was in fact human. Guards rush in and check to see if everyone was ok. Mayor Battlefist then steps in and scolds the players for ruining the show. “You must now participate in carnival activities to make up for your wrong doings.” And so the adventurers have come together. First up was the mini games with the mute Half-Orc easily taking the competition. Next was jousting where again the Half-Orc shined. Third was the Arena battle where, surprisingly the wizard Mentok won first by a landslide. The champions earned titles grating defensive bonuses. “You have done well lads. Now, you have injured those actors quite badly, I would like a favor from you to make up for it. A group of goblins has been pestering us for over a year, stealing things here and there and causing trouble. If you were to stop them you could keep anything you found unless you felt obligated to return certain items” And so the players set off the the ruined tower to investigate.


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